Monday, 7 April 2014

New Adventures...

So.  I've been debating about writing this post for some time.  You may need to get comfy with a cup of tea - it's a bit wordy.
While we were in New Zealand this summer, we accidentally bought a farm. (Actually, it wasn't really an accident, it was the culmination of a 5-year search, a long series of huge serious discussions and lots of pro-ing and con-ing, but I still can't actually believe we pushed the GO button and signed the paperwork).

It has been a massive dream of ours for so long, and finally this year we found a way to make it work.  The project is very daunting and there are so many things to line up before the whole thing can actually be realised, but we are working hard toward the finish line and I feel like this may just happen.  We've told all our friends and family, and some complete strangers in the supermarket, so hopefully putting it out to the internet isn't premature.

What it means for my clients is that this will be my last year in Broome. Although I do hope to take SD Interiors with me to NZ, I will only be taking on a few selected Broome-based projects this year, as I will need to complete all of them by the end of the year.

I am doing some smaller projects however and continuing to work on some larger projects (both residential and commercial) that will hopefully be completed soon.

Broome has been so good to us.  And in lots of ways, it will be sad to leave.  We have beautiful friends, careers and landscapes that we will be leaving behind.
But the hot sweaty 40 degree days that linger on for months on end - I won't miss them so much.

Plus, I get distracted easily and am also guilty of starting new things before the others are completely finished - so this is nothing new for me.

One of the best things about this farm (for me) is that there is no house.  Which means we get to design and build/renovate again! And because most (ALL) of our money is going into developing the farm side of things, the house budget is completely minimal - which I think makes it even better.  Small budgets force creativity and the result is always amazing I think.

My first preference is to move and convert the small woolshed on the property into a temporary home, for the first 4-5 years.  Finally, I will be free to design something around our personalities and something which is uniquely us - with no restrictions placed on resale or market approval.

I may feel the need to share all my inspiration pics and ideas here during the year and then again during the actual process - kinda like my own virtual scrapbook. Ha - YES, I realise this is called Pinterest, but strangely I don't really use it.  I can really only cope with so much social media.

I've posted a few cryptic images over on my Instagram account lately, but here are a few more woolshed-inspired inspiration images that have my brain swirling lately. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!!



jimmydob said...

Sorry to hear broome is going to lose you Sam! Will have to order that rug before you go... Exciting times ahead for you!
Pia :)

SD Interiors said...

Thank you Pia! We will be sorry to leave too - but on to VERY exciting adventures! Definitely we can order the rug before I go - give me a call whenever you are ready :) You have some very exciting times coming up yourselves! All the best with everything - motherhood is a trip!. xx

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