Wednesday, 27 August 2014

New Beginnings...

If you've been flowing this blog for a while, you would know that we have been planning a move back to New Zealand for most of this year.

As part of the move, I have been streamlining and updating the business as much as possible so that I can start to develop the business over there.
While it will essentially be starting from scratch, I will bring the amazing years of experience I've been lucky enough to have had here in Broome and I also won't be cutting complete ties with Broome yet.
We still have a property here and will probably visit once a year or so - so I may still take on a few (smaller) projects as requested.

Anyway, as part of the process, I've refreshed and re-launched my website - go and have a browse with a cuppa if you get a chance

The blog is now attached to the site (under the 'journal' tab) and all future posts will now be over there - I'll work on somehow bringing the old posts across eventually, so everything is in the one place.

I'd love to see you over there and hope you stick around for this new adventure - it's going to be the biggest and best yet!


Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Like most designers, I have literally metres and metres of remnants of beautiful designer fabrics collected over the years - cottons, twills, oilcloth, outdoor canvas, laminated cotton......
So, in preparation of our move back to NZ, I am having a MASSIVE clear-out - which means you get to score designer fabric remnants at literally bargain basement prices, ad I get to travel just a bit lighter across the Tasman.  WIN!
Head to our Facebook page, where all the fabrics are posted with pics and details - you can either comment there directly or send me an email (  If you're not in Broome - I'm also happy to post! (shipping charges additional).


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Lofty Ideas

When we convert the woolshed at the farm, we have made the decision that we really don't want to change the existing footprint that much. It will be nice to just downsize and work with what we have. (ie there's just not enough in the budget). The existing woolshed is about 80sqm.  Which is small.  But perfectly liveable.  There's only 3 of us.
Many people live in much smaller, like this story that Oprah did about five people in India living in NINE square metres.

or this guy that lives in 8.5 sqm  EIGHT AND A HALF square metres!!!

So, we need to use every square centimetre of space to make sure it's as functional and family friendly as possible in a limited space.
I'm determined to put a Mezzanine floor, which could be used as Archie's room, an office, a playroom or a reading space.

Like this:

Or this: 

or this:

But more likely, it will resemble this:

Or this:

Which will also be fine.  Nick doesn't think we can fit one it - but I am determined!

In a couple of days I may post some pics of the actual woolshed.....


Monday, 19 May 2014

It's Business Time...

I've been styling up spaces these past two weeks getting ready to put this house on the market(!!!)

It's actually still not completely finished (as in there's no floor in the toy room yet...) but with some late nights this week and a busy weekend, I'm confident it will be 99% ready for its real estate appraisal next Monday.....!!!

Kitchen detail

Kitchen detail

Quick little laundry makeover 


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Office re-design...and a reveal

There is always that one room in a house that's a sticking point. My office has become that room.
It has been through a few half-hearted design attempts since we moved in, but nothing has really come off.
Fast forward to today and it's a good improvement on what it was before (it actually has a desk I can use and a chair that I don't stick to - and storage!), but still, I'm not really feeling IT...

Here was the office three years ago when we moved in,

And then there were small the desk we custom made and some floating shelves.

and then inspiration struck again when I picked up some pretty rad carved teak chairs secondhand. which inspired a completely different design direction and a hankering for a darker wall colour.

So, now, here is what it's come to:

 It's getting better, but I really don't feel like it's THERE yet.  
The wall paint is a beautiful medium grey - the only room in the house I've changed the colour in.  
The floor rug is carpet tiles that I hand-painted and then laid in a very rough herringbone-ish pattern. I love the slightly worn look that they've come up like.  The screen was made to hide all the printer and files and general ugly part that all offices have and draw attention instead to the shelves.
The blue dresser is my favourite part and was bought secondhand with the mirror (and the side tables in our master bedroom) and then I sprayed it that beautiful turquoise colour. If you look closely at the mirror, you can see it has a but of gold spray paint at the top which happened when I got overexcited about painting it and then promptly decided to leave it natural instead.  I really like it natural.  I just have to figure out how to get that spray paint off with minimal damage....
I think it has a very old-world tropical/African vibe to it, which is pretty different to the rest of the house.


Monday, 5 May 2014

Master Bedroom: Before and After

There's nothing like a  looming deadline of putting your house on the market, to get things done.

The Master bedroom was one of those projects that has been languishing for a while. We have been decorating it slowly over the past couple of years, but it desperately needed new flooring and a bit of love. And because we had to move everything out, while we renovated the ensuite, it was the perfect time to get things sorted.

I don't actually have that many Before photos of this space.  but basically it had grotty carpet and just needed decorating.

Here is the best I can find:

BEFORE - the Master Bedroom
And After....

It was a very simple change:
 We laid some laminate flooring in a whitewashed look, added a shelf above the bed, as the placement of the light switch didn't allow for a headboard, sprayed the side tables I found at a garage sale in a mix of two blue leftover paint hues, added some mix and match lamp bases with some Ikea copper shades and a splash of colour with cushions and some prints.  
In an ideal world I would have changed the paint colour and blinds as well.  Probably to a deep grey or dark moody charcoal.  But they both had been refreshed just before we bought the house and so were the first things to be cut from the budget.
I'm very much a white bedlinen girl, with colour accents in art and cushions.  It just always works. The space now feels really light and beachy, which is a perfect complement to Broome's tropical climate.


Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Green, Green Grass.

We tackled one of the last of the major jobs to the house earlier this week - the backyard. And oh boy, does it look good.  It was a small part in the scheme of things, but compared to the before photos, the improvements are immeasurable.

When we moved in, one of the first things we did was cut down some old palms that were blocking a heap of light and quite frankly, just looked bare and ugly.  Then they were left as stumps for the next two and a half years.

[some before photos to remember the ugly]....
BEFORE: view from the lawn the week we moved in. All three palms at the end were cut down to let in more light.

BEFORE: How things looked last week - stumps and all.

BEFORE: The week we moved words....
It took me a while of trying various people to come and dig out the stumps and give us a clean slate to lay some grass.  But for whatever reason, it never eventuated.

Then I struck gold and within a morning a digger and a skilled driver had transformed our backyard and after a week of pindan everywhere, we boxed out the garden and laid some turf and INSTANT BACK YARD.

Digger in progress
 and ........


Now when I catch a glimpse of the backyard I am genuinely taken aback by the transformation.  It's the same with the rest of the house.  I'll catch glimpses of the really good bits and think "I can't believe this is our house - it looks too good".  I'm not trying to sound sanctimonious or pompous.  It's not at all amazing by some renovation standards.  And most were very small, simple changes. But I think when you live in a renovation and it changes so subtly over the a couple of years, when it's actually finished it catches you by surprise.  If that makes sense?

Here's a really old pic of the back yard from when we first moved in:

And then this one I took today from the same angle:

You can see all the things we've since done to the back yard in this pic - moved the washing line, painted the concrete and framework, planted gardens, chopped down trees and lastly removed garden beds and laid turf.

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